Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse bummer

Everyone in the blogisphere is writing about the eclipse, so I will, too. We saw the whole thing from right here in our driveway, and loved it! Mr Wazoo made us some pinhole camera obscura, and they worked fairly well. The glasses were wonderful, and we looked through them until our necks ached. Today is Mr W's birthday, so I got him (and me...) an eclipse tee shirt.
The birthday boy in his Georgia shirt

I like mine, too!

Testing the pinhole camera

High tech...

Geezers in glasses

What it looked like in the box

Right at the moment of totality...bummer

During the eclipse...cant see it this way. No, I didn't look, just pointed the phone up there and took the picture. We saw it clearly with the glasses.

After totality, this is what it looked like.
You'll have to increase the size to see it.
After the darkness abated, we both went back to work. For some reason, the pictures wouldn't go from my phone to the computer. I tried several times, and then, they disappeared completely! Drat!! Oh well, it got dark, sort of a midnight blue color, and then slowly returned to a bright day. The only surviving picture is Mr W in the yard. My tee shirt quilt photo is one of the missing ones. I'll take some later today after guild.

Back to work, removing a stump
Before going out, he finished this patriotic quilt

Panto: Star Spangled Banner

A look at the back
I have to go to guild today. Its the last meeting before the show next month, so there are many things to go over. Later, I'll be quilting tee shirt number two and getting that done. Same old, same old...

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