Friday, December 22, 2017

A Change of Plan...

Yesterday, I had another marathon baking day, finishing a few more cookie types and making the dough for cut outs. I had a minor disaster when all the pecan Tassies stuck to the pans...threw out the entire batch. No Tassies this year. Otherwise, everything went smoothly and ,in the end, I had the kitchen back to normal. (which means you can see the countertop!)

Snickerdoodles cooling on the rack, the next batch in the oven

My trusty Kitchen Aid took a beating, but was lovingly cleaned at the end of the day. Job well done!

The fancy decorated cookies come tomorrow.
Here is a sample of the finished cookies: Cherry snowballs, one surviving Tassie, Rangers, Peanut Blossoms, Chocolate haystacks, 7-layer bars,Chocolate M&M pretzels, Italian Wedding cookies, Chocolate dipped Ritz bits, Double chocolate chip cookies, Snickerdoodles, and Lemon Poppyseed tea cookies.
I also made some Toffee-chocolate candies and the dough for sugar cookie cut outs. The only thing left to do is Spritz and fudge. Then I pack up boxes for the kids who can't be here, and a few friends. We got a box from Andy's in-laws in Japan, and once again have bags and boxes of mystery snacks! Mr Wazoo especially likes sampling them and figuring out what each one is. I send my home made cookies and some snacks they don't have there, like Chex Mix. Mine gets there for New Year's Day. Theirs is always on time for Christmas...sigh.

The cookie stash is growing!

Our gift from Japan. It's a mystery to us what these things are...
The box going to Japan. There will be Chex Mix and some Godiva treats, too.

Chocolate Toffee candies

Molly got her holiday fluff and buff, so she's all ready for her close-up
Today I'll be on the road. I am going to NC to get Carolyn for Christmas. We'll chill there overnight and head back here tomorrow morning early. Andy, Chikako and Dechen come tomorrow evening, and then the fun begins.
Merry Christmas to everyone out there in blogland. Enjoy you day as much as I hope we will.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family! I'm envious of all those yummy cookies :)


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