Friday, October 27, 2017

Fun and games at Wazoo

Well, maybe not games, but lots of fun! I have been working on this tee shirt quilt for a couple of days, and it has been so much fun!! The logos are small, so I decided to use one of those shadow illusion looks to make the blocks. I found a tutorial for a small pattern on Debora Exum's blog, Studio Dragonfly, and adjusted it to fit a larger block. The tee shirts are very pretty colors, and make a nice quilt. I should be able to finish the top and get it quilted tomorrow.

First, I sorted the tee shirts into color piles

After ironing on the stabilizer, I cut the shirts to 8 1/2 inch squares

I kept the interesting little bits for later...

I'm going to pick these labels off and use them on my own quilts. I love them!

After adding the gray 'shadow' fabric, I started the background parts. I love how it is turning out!!

The little blocks have the cutest sayings.

This is my favorite because I am a half full kind of gal.
Mr Wazoo had some yard clean-up and maintenance to do, but still managed to get a quilt done. This Christmas table topper is really pretty and a reminder that I had better think of shopping soon!

This table topper has a unique and interesting shape.

Panto: Holly berry, of course!

I also did the quilting on a modern Seminole quilt today. I chose a chevron pattern to coordinate with the Seminole piecing. The customer hand dyed the border fabric and chose her other fabrics to go with it. I think it is an innovative use of modern fabrics for a traditional technique.
Unfortunately, Mr Wazoo took in this quilt while I was at guild. He didn't write down the instructions very well and I went ahead and quilted and trimmed it. When the customer came to pick it up, she asked why I hadn't added the five inch borders all around. I had no clue she wanted me to do this, so I just looked stupid, and apologized profusely for the error. Mr W said he didn't remember the instructions. I gave her the quilt without charge. How embarrassing!! I couldn't think of how to remedy the situation besides giving her the quilting free. She was disappointed, but gracious, and said she would still use us for quilting. I don't have to be mad at Mr W, he is doing a swell job beating up on himself without my help. Oh well, sh*t happens, and we move on.

Pastel Seminole

Chevron quilting

Cornflower blue linen backing.
I should have a good day tomorrow...sewing and quilting the tee shirt quilt. I may bake some cookies. After all, its so easy a two year old can do it!

I couldn't resist...isn't he cute?!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Halloween is coming!

Today, we got right back to work and finishing some autumn projects. I left the scarecrow door hanging on the design wall while we went to Texas, so today I added the sleeve and binding and finished it! It looks festive on the studio door.

Mr Wazoo was busy in the man cave, doing the panto Flower Festival on the center portion of this quilt. Then, he re-pinned it to the big Gammill for me to finish the custom work in the borders tomorrow.

I had Halloween on my to-do list. First, I added borders to this skeleton panel and quickly quilted it with the APQS digital panto: Spiderweb. The backing was a bargain somewhere years ago, and perfect for this project.

The small border is little skeletons frolicking around. I've had that fabric for twenty years or more. 

Here is the quilting.

My $2 a yard backing.

Next, I had a special request from a customer to have her Halloween quilt done for the grandkids. Thank goodness we still have the big Gammill! I quilted it with the paper panto: Gossamer, which looks like spiderwebs! This one really glows in the dark. I took it into the small bathroom in the studio, and it didn't disappoint. Lookie, Cookie!

Here's the quilt in the light

Gossamer is a good panto for Halloween
He's creepy and he's spooky...
he's altogether ooky!
The eyeballs fabric glowed, too!!

We had a fun day without too many interruptions, and that put us back on track with the quilts in the queue. Mr W will be on the road tomorrow to visit his mother. I'll be here quilting and enjoying the cool weather outside.
 Here is a last look at my Dad on his 95th birthday, and the rest of the motley crew who were there to celebrate with him. I hope I am as healthy and spry when I'm 95!! I know I'll be quilting...

My Dad
Dad, my sister in law, my brother, me and Mr W