Saturday, December 2, 2017

A brief note...

Just a quick note to tell you how its going here at Wazoo. I actually quit at quarter to six! I didn't want to get into the next bit of the tee shirt quilt that late n the day. I spent the morning cutting and prepping the shirts. Then I made a plan for the design and got to work making my columns. They're done!

it took a while to sew on the various circles cut from tee shirt fronts, but I like adding them.

Tomorrow, I will get the narrow sashings sewn in and the borders put on. Hopefully, it will be on the longarm in the afternoon! I'll get going on Tee shirt quilt number two while I'm quilting number one. I may get these done before Christmas after all!
Mr Wazoo quilted this cute lamb in a flower garden quilt. All hexies! How clever.

Giant rick rack!! Be still my heart.

The naughty lamb has floppy ears and feet.That should be fun to play with.

The back is an aqua Minkie. So soft!!
Panto: Popcorn, with a bit of hand guided swirls on the face.
Tonight, I will be doing a little repair job for the tee shirt quilt customer. Just one hole and a bit of the binding. Easy peasy!

Little hole and torn binding.
I'll be working on it while we watch the Badgers play Ohio. I hope its not a nail biter...

Friday, December 1, 2017

High production day!

Mr Wazoo took a day off to finish decorating the tree. I love doing this with him, but just couldn't do it with a clear conscience when quilts are waiting to be finished. So he stayed upstairs, and I stayed in the studio until 6 PM, as usual. No lunch again today. I'm still not feeling well and it didn't appeal to me.
First item on the agenda...the tuck. After a couple of hours with the picker, I was ready to re-quilt. Another hour later, the quilting was finished! I made the binding and had it sewn on by 2:30.

Ta-Da! Finished! And going home to Marietta next week.

Binding done, too.

Not so pretty, but here's the back.
If you're interested, here are some closer views of the blocks. Scroll past them, if you're as tired of seeing this quilt as I am!

I finished the afternoon by quilting a colorful quilt from a Florida customer. I love this quilt! Kaffe Fassett fabrics with Grunge sashing.  The back is a hum dinger of a fabric that I wish I had in great quantity.

While the machine quilted the rows, I put the bindings on the three quilts that I quilted a couple of days ago for our outreach group .

Ready to go!

Tomorrow, I start the tee shirt quilt marathon. I have three of them waiting to be made for Christmas gifts. Wish me luck!
Now, enjoy the Christmas follies at Wazoo by admiring the tree.

Every year, I get some new ornaments. Here is the line up...

A cupcake with sprinkles

A fuzzy black bear

This cute bunny

And this wool felt elf.

The next big event? Cookies. I'm tired already! Off to bed.

Nothing to do but sigh and carry on

Yesterday, I worked hard to get the linen and lace quilt quilted so I could move on to the next waiting project. Imagine my despair when I rolled it to the last row and saw this...

I thought I was ready for the last row.

OH NO!!! The row before has several tucks in the backing. How the heck did that happen?!

The tuck extends across the entire back!
I spent over an hour picking out quilting from the back, since the elements on the top are way too fragile to pick at. There is a whole lot to go, but it was 6 PM and I just had to quit. All day, I was fighting a sore throat and losing my voice. (I knew about the latter because I couldn't sing along to the Christmas music playing in the background...) Fixing supper and having a cup of tea with lemon was what I needed, so I quit. Its still there...I have to go back and fix it. Yuk.

Mr Wazoo clicked along in the man cave, finishing his work without incident, and then, sat patiently waiting for me to end my day and get his dinner around.

He finished this quilt a couple of days ago, and it has been mailed to its Texas home.

Panto: Splat

I like this quilt, right down to the lime green backing! My favorite color.

Here is a labyrinth quilt from a Florida customer, going to a son for Christmas.

Panto: Dazzle

Beautiful, wild backing.

This quilt is called  'My favorite things' from the same customer. It will be a Christmas gift, too.

Panto: Modern Twist

Pretty striped backing
I will be back in the studio in a few minutes, grumbling about the amount of picking I have ahead of me, and waiting for another customer to drop off tee shirts for another Christmas project. Hopefully, the linen quilt will be done today, and I can get on with the two tee shirt quilts... Sigh...

Last weekend, I managed to get some more blocks made for my daughter's Christmas present quilt...carrying on is getting difficult!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

26 Days Left...

I feel time nipping at my heels. When I look at the calendar, it is almost December!! How did that happen? Get busy, Susan!!
Mr Wazoo worked outside most of the day since he quilted yesterday. I was gone most of the day at quilt guild. We had a Quilt of Valor ceremony for a man who was in Viet Nam the same time as my brother. He was touched by the presentation and truly appreciated the quilt. It was a lovely ceremony.
When I got home, I worked on the custom quilt for a while and then had a nice evening with the man of the house.
Today, I went crazy quilting! While I worked on the custom project, the APQS  rattled along, helping me finish three nursing home quilts.

This Irish chain is perfect for a man

Many of the fabrics had stars, so I quilted it with stars!

The back is a soft flannel

This candy cane quilt is pretty!

I quilted it with a generic panto that looks like egg and dart.

This one has flowers and ladies on it.

So I used a frilly feathered panto.

You can see it better on the back.
While these were being quilted, I finally finished the other quilt. I didn't realize how late it had become until my stomach growled in protest of not having any lunch. I had powered through the entire day to get the project done. We'll have to figure out where to send it because the quiltmaker is surely in Florida by now.  She sent it from Michigan a few months ago. That's how behind I am...

Somebody is getting this for Christmas!

Kind of a surprising back, but I like it.
Tomorrow, I'll be on to other things and trying to get caught up enough to enjoy decorating the house. Here is where we are...

Lights on...decorations at the ready.
Before I go to bed, I have to show you why I love my Molly girl. How could I ever be sad with this on my pillow when I come out of the bath? I think she knows how cute she is and milks it for treats. Sounds plausible.