Friday, January 12, 2018

Its official

I saw this on Sisterschoice Quilts blog today and had to share. I couldn't stand it anymore and made an appointment for the doctor. I have the flu. Another 7 days to go before she thinks it will be better. Oh joy.
I quilted the last row of the Hawaiian quilt, then gave up for the day. At least I'm getting there...
I did get the big quilt from yesterday trimmed and ready to go home. Its a beauty!!

It is so big, I couldn't get it all in from the front view

That's better!

Panto: Come Dance With Me...hard to see here

Maybe a bit easier from the back. It is a nice curvy leaf pattern.
A good night's sleep and I'll be back for a few hours work tomorrow. As for now, some TV, hot tea and bed.

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