Friday, February 16, 2018

Fun with tee shirts

Last night when I was watching the Olympics, I played with a paper copy of the tee shirt blocks I need to sew later. It helps me decide what to do for the design instead of moving the shirts around on the wall. After some tweaking, and adding frames on the blocks, I am ready to go ahead with my design idea tomorrow.

Playing with the paper mock up

The actual blocks arranged on the design wall. You can see I hadn't taken the circles into consideration...oops.

This is the probable design. I'm still not happy with the circles and arrow...

Meanwhile, I took in this unbelievable tee shirt quilt my customer made for her daughter. Wow! Is all I can say about it. So many details and embroidered blocks to compliment the shirts. This is one lucky girl to get this beauty.

So much to look at and admire!! The details in this quilt are crazy good!

The go to tee shirt panto: Dazzle

A satin finish cotton on the back
I also worked on the antique quilts, taking off bindings in front of the TV.

The binding on this baby quilt is completely worn through on the edge.

I had to remove the front strip of binding...then the back!
I finished up the last row of the UFO quilt and will get it bound soon. Not a favorite quilt, but its going to be done and used. I plan to have it on the daybed in the office. (our over-flow guest room!) 
Now, a bit more ice skating and then off to bed!

Boy, I really wasted big chunks of my Kaffe stash on this...what was I thinking? I don't remember why I made it, so I can't answer that question!

I tried a new, and fairly dense panto: Sunflowers

Not as bright as the front, but I still like this backing fabric.

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  1. I still have not made a t-shirt quilt although I get asked all the time to make them. What a great idea to get paper mock ups. Do you not worry about colors?


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