Thursday, March 1, 2018

Great progress!

It has been a long, but successful day. I started bright and early. put on some Ed Sheeran, and stitched in the ditch. For eight and a half hours! The task is done, and tomorrow, I start the quilting. Yippee!!

For this quilt, I am using my Gammill. It is my most trustworthy machine.

At quitting time (Miller time for some...) Mr Wazoo came around to admire the work I'd done. This is the last row.

I took a photo of each row as I rolled it back to the top.

Every row is as stunning as the one before!

Stitching around all the applique was tedious, but very rewarding. The elements all pop up nicely.

The top row, ready for quilting.

Don't you love this house made of pencils?!
I make the change from invisible thread to Superior So Fine in the morning, and get the quilting started!

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