Monday, April 16, 2018

3-2-1- AWAY!

Yesterday, I finished quilting the last customer quilt before we leave for Paducah. A lovely tee shirt quilt made by an adoring Grandma for her granddaughter who graduates high school next month.

It is a colorful quilt she'll love forever.

Grandma says the girl works with special ed children, who have signed the blocks along with their teachers.

A peek at the back

Mr Wazoo also finished his last quilt. We're both ready for some R&R!

Someone in Texas should like to see this!

Panto: featherize

Seen better from the back

The yard is coming along nicely, and should be blooming like crazy when we get back. Mr W has it spick and span for now. 
I'll try to remember to take some pictures at the show and pass them along to you. Until tomorrow!

The dogwood just starting to bloom

Two nice bunches of lilacs! And they said lilacs wouldn't grow here.
They don't know Mr Greenfingers...

The side yard is beginning to fill out, too.

The little pink dogwood is blooming like crazy, too!!

Welcome sign and phlox.

Even in the dreary rain the back yard is looking pretty.

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