Sunday, October 7, 2018

Change of pace

Yesterday, I made, applied and hand sewed bindings on two quilts a customer's mother made before she passed away. Today, the daughter/ customer came to pick them up and drop off a quilt top her mom hadn't finished. My job is to finish making the blocks, sew it all together, get it quilted and bound. Here it is so far.

Making the blocks

Sewing the quilt together in sections

I'm getting there!!

By 6:30, I was tired and hungry, so I will have to finish this later. There is plenty of fabric for the border, and I think it will end up queen sized.

On Friday, Kay, Henry and I went to the grand opening of the craft gallery we have items in. The county commissioner came and there was a ribbon cutting ceremony, as well as the local radio station broadcasting live. Our job was to mingle around and talk to people about the items we made. There were more of us artists than patrons, but it is early in the game and there wasn't a whole lot of stuff there yet.

My four quilts are hanging along a wall. Kay's two boat paintings are just above them.

Kay also made these mermaid dolls.

Another friend has up-scaled clothing for sale.

'Thunder gourds', toothbrush rugs, leather belts, crocheted items and hand made toys are some of the things local folks have made for the shop.

These handmade and hand painted boxes are really nice.

There were paintings and prints from all mediums represented, too.
They also have a diverse selection of jewelry that didn't photograph well. Sorry.
On the home front, Mr Wazoo has been changing over the potted plants to the Autumnal ones. He also got some conical shaped firs to go in front of the posts of the deck. They're little now, but will fill in and up in no time!

Kale, Cabbage and mums!

One begonia made the cut because it was still doing well. Mr W has a kind heart.

Two of the new trees.
And then there was this!!! The stink bugs are bad enough without the scads of huge spiders we have had lately. It can't get cold fast enough for me!
Going to the movies tomorrow to see A Star is Born. Should be wonderful!

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