Friday, December 7, 2018

Christmas season kindness

We have been quilting like mad to get things done on time, and have only a couple of "hurry-ups" from anxious customers. All in all, I feel good. I felt even better after a relaxed evening out with friends. A couple we know from Florida took us out to dinner for a Christmas present, and it was the best thing they could have done. Mr Wazoo enjoyed himself and loved the southern style food. We chatted and laughed and just had a really good time. Thanks, guys!!
Here is why we needed a break...

Drum roll please!! Number 12 of the 12 quilts of Christmas is done!

Panto: Modern Twist

Pieced, non-Parisian back

We're talking HUGE here. This is the biggest quilt of the season for me.

See how it swallows my 12 foot long table. Wow.

Panto: Wandering Daisies

Pieced backing, encore.

This is a Christmas gift for a customer's husband who has retired after teaching in colleges and high schools for 50 years!!

Panto: Woven Wind

Pieced backing once more.

This is a Christmas gift for a newly adopted granddaughter of the customer.

The fabric is sprinkled with angels blowing stars and bubbles from their trumpets, and Bible verses from the Christmas story.

Mr W quilted it with a sweet hearts and swirls pattern.

A beautiful gift from a Grandma to her specially chosen granddaughter.

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