Friday, August 24, 2018

A bad finish to a good day

We'll start with a high note...yesterday we quilted, and finished three quilts. Mr Wazoo did the work on this shabby chic quilt that I absolutely love. I need to finish my two projects in progress and then, make one of these. So sweet and pretty.

I love the fabrics, I love the pattern and I love the finished quilt!

Panto: Ribbon roses

The backing is also a nice floral

I worked on a UFO of mine that has been in my cabinet for ten years! I finally decided to just quilt it and get it into circulation on the guest bed.

I made this simple quilt top and then put it away. I have some blue floral fabric for the binding, and I'll get to it on over the weekend.
Panto: Dancing Daisies
Nice backing from the sale room at my local quilt shop.

After getting my quilt off the frame, I loaded another thirties themed quilt for a customer. This one also got a floral pantograph.
Soft and colorful
Panto: Polka Dot Posies
A backing just as wonderful as mine!

Today, I was meant to be in the studio, but my friends were going to Chattanooga to the Bernina store, where they were having a huge sale on backing fabrics and other supplies. I needed some wide backing fabric for a couple of customer quilts I'm making, so I tagged along and scored big! I got 6 cones of Omni thread and over 20 yards of 108" wide backing fabrics for $219!! Yup, a big score, for sure!  On the way home, we stopped in Ooltewah, TN and I bought some shabby chic fat quarters to try my hand at the quilt
Mr Wazoo just did. We were home by 6:30.
Molly came bolting out of the house and down the back steps, so excited to see me, and caught her toenail in the crack between the boards on the step and tore it completely out of her toe. Yikes!! She went nuts, running back into the house, around the living room and into her box, leaving a blood trail everywhere. I scooped her up and ran cold water over her foot, then put a cool, wet compress on the foot while trying to see what she had done to make it  bleed like that. When I didn't see a toenail where the bleeding was gushing from, I realized she had torn it out. I held pressure on the wound while Mr W got the First Aid kit and then I put a pressure dressing on it and bundled her into the car for the ride to Blue Ridge Emergency Animal Hospital 22 miles away. She was such a good girl for the ride there, the treatment of her foot and the ride home. Pain drugs are on board, but she is laying on her side weeping quietly. Its gonna be a long night... The 'cone of silence' starts tonight when we all go to bed, and will continue for about a week. She has pain meds and antibiotics to get her through, but I know it has to hurt like the dickens and I feel so bad for her. Molly is such a good little dog, I hate to see her in pain like this.
Well, that's the up and down of our life. Hopefully, everything will look better tomorrow and Molly will start her road to recovery. I'm pooped and am off to bed at the un-heard hour of 10:30. I'll catch you all on the flip side.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Monday, Monday

I had some unfinished business from yesterday, so I started the day binding the blue and yellow quilt. Mr Wazoo was off to the dentist, so Molly and I had the studio to ourselves. We listened to North Woods Law, the program about fish and game wardens in New Hampshire. Another show you don't have to watch to get the gist of what's going on. For a couple of hours, it was a nice change.

All ready for show and tell!

I even remembered the label!

Next, I quilted the last of 6 quilts from the same customer. They were all small, so we whizzed through them in just a few days. Then, i started a bigger quilt my sister made. Lots of lime favorite neutral!!

Simple pattern with a pleasing look.

Panto: Posies and butterflies
I finally finished the last row at 6:30! I'll trim it tomorrow.
I don't remember the name of the pattern I used...something ferns. I'm so bad at remembering the panto names. It looks really nice, though.
I think the grapes are a nice surprise!!
I spent a few minutes tonight designing a quilt to use my Thicket fabric with. The blank spots are where the animal squares will be. You'll should be fun to make. I took the picture of my computer screen of the EQ program. I haven't made a black and white quilt in a few years, so this will be interesting!
Coming soon to a sewing machine near ME!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fun, fun, fun!!

It's Sunday, so I got to do some fun sewing just for my own pleasure. But first, I finished a customer quilt that I loaded yesterday. (The one with the too small back...) The pattern is really cute and would make a fun quilt for anyone in the medical profession.

The colorful scrubs and heart shaped stethoscopes make this a happy quilt.

Because the appliqué was all fused and a bit stiff, I used an open pattern to keep it from being too wrinkly and hard. It's called Polka Dot Hearts

The backing is this clever text print, all words relating to nursing.
Oh yes...yesterday evening we had to go to a memorial service, and I was in the car waiting for Mr Wazoo to hurry it up when I looked out the window and saw this! An entire family of deer were munching away on MrW's shrubs and crepe myrtles. The young buck was still in velvet, but a nice looking fella. The girls hung out by the shrubs, nibbling and chewing while Mr Deer kept a keen eye on them. I took many pictures from the car, and they peacefully went about their business. When Mr W came out and saw what was happening, he told me to toot the horn to get them to move along. One little toot and everyone scattered in all directions. It truly was remarkable!

Young buck watching the action.

Aren't they lovely?!
The reason Mr Wazoo was held up getting out of the house was that he was finishing up the last row on this quilt.

Remember when I said it was a purple week? Here is another  quilt using purple fabrics.

Panto: Wandering Daisies
The fun part of my Sunday came soon after I finished the scrubs quilt. The rope bowl was still under the needle on the big Bernina, so I opted to finish it and move on to something different. I only used three fabrics in this bowl; an ombre purple to yellow, the lime green accent, and the deep purple top stripe and swirl. I like how it looks. This is a fun project I'll do again, for sure.


It looks cool, huh?

I even like it upside down.

I added the loop and swirl to finish it off.
I also sewed the borders on my blue and yellow charity quilt, and got it quilted, too. I have the binding cut and the label made, but those will have to wait until tomorrow.

I wasn't sure I liked this quilt, but with the borders on, it looks wonderful. Someone will enjoy it, I'm sure.

There's some orange in the backing fabric, but it was on sale and that made me decide I liked it for the project!

Panto: Splat

While the machine chugged along on the quilt, I made the three pillowcases for the evening quilt guild on Tuesday. Everyone took kits for them, and I took three. They are easy to make and will make nursing home resident's Christmas a bit brighter.

Three festive pillowcases!