Saturday, October 20, 2018

Busy busy busy!

We have so many quilts here at Wazoo, we are going to need a bigger rack for them to hang on! Oh my, have we had an avalanche of work come in this week!
I started the day by finishing the quilt from yesterday.

It's a queen size star quilt for the customer's own bed. 

She asked for feathers, so I did a feather allover meander.

I like it!

Here is the back view.

Mr Wazoo did his part, doing a quilt before going outside to prepare his plants for the cold weather coming.

Someone came by the other day when we weren't home and saw this quilt through the window. They later called me to say it was the most beautiful quilt they had seen.

Panto: Alfresco

A peek at the back

I went to work with a vengeance this morning and was able to accomplish quite a bit of quilting.

A daughter made this for her mother. Mom is the one picking it up. I hope she likes it!

Panto: Frolic

Here's the back

Quilt of Valor number two

Starry tan backing

Panto: Simply Stars, my go-to panto for QOV.

On the Gammill is this beautiful McKenna Ryan appliqué quilt. I'm custom quilting this for a friend in Florida.

All I have done so far is the top border and the background fill in the first three blocks.

The quilt is a garden with all the animals and things found there.

I have barely scratched the surface of the quilting, but it will be a fun quilt as I go along.
Right now, It is late at night, my daughter has finally arrived from North Carolina, and I am pooped!! We are all going to bed because tomorrow we plan to go to the Sorgum Festival. Look it up...I had never heard of sorghum before moving here either!. Good night.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The race is on!

Oh dear! We have taken in 27 quilts in less than a week!! Mr W and I have made our plan, and will get them finished in good time. I started the day by applying and finishing the binding on the two charity quilts.
This is the second charity quilt. Bright and cheerful.

Panto: Small Splat

Green backing, yellow binding has since been applied.

Then I loaded a Quilt of Valor on the APQS, and a customer quilt on the Gammill and went to work. The QOV is finished, and the big custom job is about half finished.

This QOV is like a burst of fireworks.

Even with red thread, it is hard to see the Simply Stars panto.

Patriotic backing.

I am doing the lowest custom on this quilt. The customer wants all over feathers, so I am doing a feather meander. It takes some time and uses a bunch of thread, but is just what she wants. I should finish it up tomorrow.

I did get this quilt done yesterday even with all the many interruptions from people bringing quilts.

This scrappy Bento Box quilt will be raffled to raise money for the customer's  granddaughter's school.

Panto: Woven Wind

The pattern really shows nicely on the white backing.

On the homefront, we had a bear in the woods last night when I took Molly out for the final pee. She just sniffed the ground and went about her business, oblivious to the bear about twenty feet away. I chanted "Hurry up!" to her and she came back inside just as the bear ambled off into the darkness. Our yard light makes a sphere of light in the yard, and partially into the woods up the hill, but outside that sphere...blackness. No ambient light here. It is really dark! Sometimes I feel like there is something just outside the sphere watching me and Molly, and those nights are the most uncomfortable ones. It was just as dark in the Wisconsin woods, but I never had the feeling there.
This morning Mr Wazoo was yelling and waving his arms out on the back porch at a small herd of deer having breakfast in his garden!! Between his outburst and Molly's yapping, they scattered in all directions. Never a dull moment!
I have another full day tomorrow, so I need to get some Zzzz's.
Stand in the light!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

When it pours!

Last Friday we had one quilt on the rack and were wondering if people stopped making quilts! Since Monday, we have taken in ten new projects and expect some more tomorrow morning. Now, we're busy! We like busy!
Before the quilt tsunami, I made ten pillowcases for the nursing home. Our evening guild is supplying festive holiday cases to the residents. I think it will be a nice gift for them.

Here are my pillowcases all lined up and ready to go.

Fun Christmas fabrics. I actually used up some of my stash!
Mr Wazoo quilted the first of two charity quilts for me, because I was at a meeting most of the morning. I have my first quilt loaded and a few rows done, but had to quit to go to guild.

Some lucky nursing home resident will get this pretty quilt.

Panto: Wandering leaves
My foot injury is doing well. The only tedious thing is having to explain over and over that I partially tore my plantar fascia and achilles where they connect to my heel bone. Five to seven more weeks in a boot before I know if I have healed myself. Until then...big foot, little foot.
Off to bed! Tomorrow we quilt!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

A regular work day

The word 'nice' is really over used, but if I had to describe today, it would be nice. Nothing exciting happened, but we accomplished a lot and feel good about it. Mr Wazoo earned some serious brownie points today for adding a thick pad under the rug I stand on to quilt. The difference is amazing! Like standing on a cloud. He also got two quilts finished!! I think employee of the month is a shoe in for him this month.
The number one quilt is seriously funny. ha! See what I did there?
If you click on the picture, it gets bigger so you can read some of the blocks.

Panto: Yodel

This one is more sophisticated and full of color.

Panto: Swirl and Twirl

Swanky purple backing!
I worked all day and finished (binding and all!) the Frank Lloyd Wright quilt. The pictures don't have the binding in them, you'll have to trust me that it is sewn on and pretty!


The customer requested the straight line quilting

The colored circles are a part of the window the quilt is based on.

The pieced back.

Tomorrow, I will be making pillowcases for my evening guild and matching pairs of fabrics for the raffle quilt. Otherwise, what I should have been doing today!