Saturday, January 5, 2019

At work on a sunny day

The sun finally came out after weeks of dreary, damp weather, but it didn't tempt me... I was quilting happily in the studio. Mr Wazoo took advantage of the warmer weather to take down the Christmas lights and store them away.
I finished the Quilt of Valor from yesterday, and loaded, quilted and finished the second one, too. We'll send them off on Monday to the quilter in Florida who will finish the binding and labels.

These quilts were perfectly constructed and pretty to boot!

Panto: Starlet

Patriotic all the way! I really think some veteran will love this quilt.

The second quilt had this interesting pattern. One of the perks of quilting for other people is seeing the hundreds of different patterns in a rainbow of colors. 

Panto: Simply Stars

The backing is an explosion of patriotism!
While quilting the QOVs, I worked on the custom job again. I'm making progress, but the tiny bits are fiddly to quilt. That and the thread color changes makes for some s-l-o-w going. Hopefully, it will be done tomorrow.

I can't wait to get this done and show you the entire quilt at once!! It is amazing.
Another comfort quilt on the Millie. I'll finish this tomorrow, too. For now, its pizza and a movie!

Long day, short post

Mr Wazoo wins the day because he finished his quilting project. I loaded a Quilt of Valor and have it well along, but not finished. I also worked on the custom quilt, but didn't finish it either.
 We attended a memorial service for a friend's husband, and presented her with a comfort quilt. I guess you'd say it was a downer of a day for everyone.
Tomorrow is a new day. I'm looking ahead.

This is the beautiful scrappy quilt Mr Wazoo finished and mailed to Florida.

Panto: Ribbon Roses

Another fine finish for Wazoo.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Off and running!!

The new year started with a fizzle of fog and rain, so we went straight to work quilting. Mr Wazoo labored in his cold man cave, but I was snug and toasty in the studio. We don't have many quilts to be done right now, but all of mine are labor intensive custom jobs. Beautiful...but time consuming. I also have to get back to the repairs before my customers think I have abandoned them!

Mr W started with this breast cancer awareness quilt made by the customer for a friend battling the disease.

Panto: Heart strings

Even the back is pretty.

This is the cutest little table topper! I like the apple with a bite out!

Panto: Bush Berries

I wish the color was more accurate. The border is a sweet print in soft pastel colors.

Panto: Ribbon Roses

The backing is a lovely toile.
This baby quilt is fresh and modern. Mr Wazoo whipped right through it.
Panto: Popcorn
And there are darling elephants on the back!

His next quilt is loaded and ready for tomorrow!
I spent a good part of the day getting the studio back in order, paying some bills and figuring out the December sales taxes. We closed the year 2018 by using the last invoice in the current book! How cool is that?
The last quilt of the year was the custom one I started last week. I finished it, took the photos and sent it off to the customer today. I also loaded a comfort quilt for the guild and finished the quilting. 

Simple but really elegant customer show quilt.

I did my favorite quilting...echoing the block patterns in the open areas. It takes some marking and ruler work, but always ties the quilt together nicely.

The back is really soft. Either brushed cotton or flannel, I couldn't tell.

The comfort quilts our guild makes are really beautiful. 

I used my go-to panto for comfort quilts: Flower Power

Nice back, too.
The third time had better be the charm with this quilt!! I have had it on and off the machine three times in order to squeeze in last minute Christmas and custom quilts. The quilt maker should be relieved to get it back after such a long time. I hope to get it done in a couple of sessions. I have it over half done, and it's wonderful. This customer makes the most interesting picture quilts!

I'm getting there!!
Mr Wazoo is slowly bringing in the outdoor illuminations.  The one deer looks like she's checking out the light up balls. The sad part of Christmas is when it's over.