Thursday, July 11, 2019


Remember where we started?

Half finished when I quilt yesterday.
I finished the quilting and have it all trimmed and ready to go home.

Patriotic quilt for the customer's guest room.

The new panto is called Starstruck and has pretty swirls and stars.

It really is a lovely quilt.
All day I worked on the applique quilt. I am at the last row and starting the filler there. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have the borders going. Done by the weekend? We'll see how it goes.
Mr Wazoo was on the phone a lot again today taking care of his mother's business. It looks like we can't have the memorial service in NC until late this month. Next week he meets in Greenville with his sister to make those plans. He is holding up well, and doesn't seem as down as he was yesterday. We'll be fine.

Quiet day...slow progress

Both of us worked inside yesterday because of the heat. 90 degrees is too much for Mr Wazoo to be digging and hauling, so he happily quilted a threesome of table decorations for a customer.

There were two of these table runners, both made with the same fabrics.

The panto is Feathers with a twist.

Both also had this backing.

The card table cover is the same fabric selection, but a slightly different pattern.

A better look at the quilting. Nice neutral projects.
I am in the process of quilting two things; the big applique quilt, and a red, white and blue star quilt.

I'm on the third row of the family oriented Baltimore album.
I'm still in awe of the detail in this quilt. It is beautiful.

The star quilt is getting a new panto I downloaded just for the project. You'll see a photo of it when I finish the quilt.
After a show meeting, I will be back working on these and making progress. I hope to get a tee shirt quilt made over the weekend for a customer who has been patiently waiting. The older I get, the quicker the time flies by.

Monday, July 8, 2019

The angels are singing

Our day began like any other, with a walk through the yard and gardens to the studio. We had a wash of rain last night, so everything was green and happy looking. Even an overcast day is beautiful when there are flowers blooming!

Black eyed Susans (I never liked the name...) finally blooming in the rock garden

The side yard has these frothy white flowers. I don't know what they are, but they are pretty. The Butterfly bush must be seven feet tall!

Roses, ground covers and hydrangea fill in the rest.

This variety of hydrangea is looser than the globe ones.

A bit of bee balm.

The front garden is blooming, too.

These are the rocks Mr W uses for edging and drainage.
Many, many, many bags of them...

Coleus and potato vine. And Miss Photobomb.

Mr W did this one, too. Nice.
We worked indoors today due to on and off sprinkles and thunder. I finished the windmill quilt from yesterday, and it turned out beautifully.

The vintage blocks look modern on their crisp white background.

To mimic the shape of the wheels, I chose the panto: Flower Power

White on white print backing.
Mr Wazoo stuck to the man cave, and quilted a charming lap quilt.

French General fabrics are always lovely.

Mr W chose a rose pattern for the panto: Ribbon Roses

A peek at the back.
I also finished the king sized binding job and sent it home with the quilter. Then, I quilted this small wall quilt for a baby's nursery.

Mother and Grandmother worked together to create this for baby.

They requested a modern panto, so I chose Trinity, to mimic the organic feel of some of the fabrics.

I love the clamshell backing.
Late in the day, we received the call we were dreading. Mr Wazoo's mother passed away peacefully. Tomorrow, we will travel to South Carolina to take care of the business of gathering her belongings and thanking the staff for taking such wonderful care of her.
I have known my mother in law for several years more than I have known my husband. We worked in classrooms next to each other for years; me in 4 year kindergarten and she in first grade. I have been her friend for 42 years. Now, the angels are rejoicing because Pam has come home. We'll miss her forever, but we know she is in a better, more wonderful place.

Mr Wazoo and his mother.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Mystery solved!

The reveal! It's a chicken.
I finished the project on the design wall, and now, I have the borders to contemplate. I spent the day putting away all the bits of fabric left from the project and vacuuming the studio. Now that I have it back to normal, I can get on with the quilting in an area suitable for company to see.

From this...

to this. A bit better, but newly messed up with the next project's stuff.
We are having a display of woodland creatures at the quilt show, and I dressed mine today. All I have to do is get the props sewn on and she''ll be ready. Betty Bear.

Betty is ready for bed, with her bear slippers on!

She was much more comfortable in the recliner.

I loaded up the next customer quilt and got a few rows done before it was time to quit for the day. I also sewed the binding onto another customer quilt. I'll finish that tomorrow.

The customer sewed these antique Dresden plates to background squares, and made a quilt!

The first go-round is finished, and the binding will be pressed and sewn on the other side tomorrow.
Mr Wazoo and I spent the morning on the phone and the computer filling out forms and talking with the hospice nurse, the nursing home people and the final arrangements man at the funeral home. After all was done and dusted, we talked about our own futures and decided to start our final plans, too. We don't want our kids to have to do what we are doing now, especially when family is under a lot of stress and things are chaotic. Mr W will sleep better tonight, and face whatever comes tomorrow with a clear mind and a plan.
Molly is back in her element after the cleaning woman finished picking up all her toys and putting them away in her toy box. Molly picked through the pile of furry goodies and took out her three lambs. Huey, Dewey and Louie, with various limbs missing and mended. The planets are realigned.