Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Inching closer to a finished studio!

Molly and I went off early for our walk, and it was a good thing. The temperature plummeted this afternoon to 22 degrees! We took the low road today, walking down to the entrance and then down Rich Gap Rd. until we got to the horse paddocks in the valley. The horses were there and inquisitive about our presence. I don't think they see many people on foot!
Down the hill we go, on an untraveled path!

Molly loves her walkie.

The farm in the valley at the end of our road

The road is full of curves and modest hills.

The horses we see every day.

They all turned to see who was passing by.

Farther along, looking back toward where we came from.

Our entrance sign.
This afternoon, I made a quick trip to the fabric store again (that makes three trips in three days!) to get border fabric for the quilt I made. Then, I checked in on the studio progress. What a surprise! They will be finished tomorrow, and we can bring in the machines. Woo hoo!
The bathroom

We also bought the boards for the design wall! They are the pink sheets in the back of the room.

Molly checked it all out.

Pretty soon, this will be full of sewing and quilting fun!
Puttin' on the woolies tonight! It should be very cold and windy, according to the weatherman. Below zero tomorrow. Brrrrrr! Until then, stay warm and I'll post tomorrow.


  1. Even though it is cold in most of the US, at least you can get out to walk and what a beautiful area to walk! Here in NE Ohio it is a whopping -2 degrees and there is a blanket of ice and snow over everything. I will keep checking in to see the progress on the studio. It is going to be fabulous!

  2. Wow I can't wait to see your new studio. What a beauty of a space so far. Your scenic walk is beautiful, thanks for sharing it.


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