Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Still unpacking fabric...

I spent the whole day (except for the brief trip to the dump to get rid of a truck load of boxes) unpacking fabric in the  studio. I can't believe how long this is taking! Tim just keeps bringing in box after box...will it ever end?!
Here is the result of a full day unpacking. I chose to continue with my fabric rolling to store the stash because it has always worked well for me. So easy to take out and replace fabric without disturbing the other fabric.

Bins with fat quarters

Kid fabrics, bright florals, and (ta da!) Kaffe Fassett!

Small pieces I still have to find homes for.

Tim worked in the garage and also unearthed some of our quilting tools. We have to find them because we have quilts waiting!
Whoopee! We have pantos...

and tools...

and quilts!
We'll be back at it tomorrow, and hopefully be done with the fabric stash. We hope... ;o)


  1. Starting to take shape. Like your idea of rolling the fabric to store. I think unpacking takes longer than the packing.


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