Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Boring but busy

I spent the day typing information cards for the 53 quilts I have collected from people for the Storytelling Festival quilt display. It probably would have taken someone who knows how to type a few hours...sigh.
Then, I measured all the quilts and made ID tags for them so the hanging people will be able to identify them. Wouldn't you know, when I thought I was done, an email came with four more entries! Yikes! This has turned into a bonafide quilt show! Hopefully, everything will go smoothly and all will be lovely.

Quilts, quilts, quilts!!!

More quilts!
Not all the quilts will be picked up by or brought to me. The people running the storytelling part have also entered quilts that I haven't seen and don't know what size they are. Set up will sure be an adventure!
Mr Wazoo stayed inside today even though the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. He said he wants to go to South Carolina and visit his Mom tomorrow, because we'll be away for a while and she expects him every other Wednesday. I'll still be busy with show prep, so I don't mind staying home with Molly. Here is one of the quilts he quilted today.

Cool graphic quilt

Panto: Basketweave

The stars glow in the dark!! I took the quilt in the studio bathroom and turned the light off to ooh and aah at them .
Tomorrow morning I meet with my set up guy to plan the layout for the quilts. On Thursday, we get the show up and then the next two days we watch the quilts, answer questions and man a table with  colorful cardstock pieces for kids to make quilt blocks with. Saturday night, it all comes down. Thankfully, my set up guy is taking over for me as far as getting the quilts back to the donors. I'll only have a couple of days to prepare for Paducah. Yippee!

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